Focus On Strengths

“Holy cow! This is how we should be approaching work and life!” was my immediate reaction when I first learned about StrengthsFinder.

This book was my first exposure to StrengthsFinder

Our path to excellence lies in focusing the majority of our resources on improving what we already love and do well! No amount of training, cajoling, pressure, or effort will birth success if it’s directed at an area where we lack innate talent.

You can imagine the fun conversation I had with my mother upon learning that my inability to keep a magazine-ready house will forever be out of my reach. Not for lack of effort, but because I don’t have the fundamental strengths required to achieve excellence in that realm. (her eye-roll was immediate and epic)

“I don’t have INPUT, ARRANGER, or DISCIPLINE in my Top 5, Mom. But the good news is that I do have LEARNER… so there’s a good chance that I’ll figure out how to keep the house at least ‘mom-ready’ someday.”

Current Publication of Clifton’s StrengthsFinder

So what are my strengths?

And why do they matter?

Learn about why you should use StrengthsFinder in your organization

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