I Love This Picture

This is me. This is the face I see in the bathroom mirror every morning.

I recently showed this picture to a few close family members. They were initially horrified, flabbergasted, and confused when I told them it was my absolute favorite photo of me EVER.

“But that’s not how we see you!”
“You are so much more beautiful than that picture looks!”
“That’s not what you look like!”

I carefully explained that this picture is exactly what I look like. I am intimately familiar with my face. My perspective is not colored by personal affection or progressive myopia.

My truth is that I’m delighted to have finally arrived at a place in my life where I can look upon my imperfections with joy.

Those deep laugh lines were created through countless moments of hilarity and playfulness. The crinkle lines around my nose get a bit more pronounced every time I smile. The furrows in my brow were formed by obstacles and fear that had to be overcome. I’ve spent thousands of hours outside in the sun… and I have never had the discipline to follow a beauty regimen of lotions and creams that might have eased or erased the facial evidence of how I’ve lived.

In this photo, I see the passion, intensity, irreverence, curiosity and compassion that are at the core of who I am.

This is me. And I love it.


Self-portrait photo taken using a Canon Rebel EOS T6 in portrait mode with the standard EFS 18-55mm lens.




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