Ode to Collaboration!

Back in 2011, I attended the World Business Forum in NYC and had the pleasure of hearing Tamara Erickson talk about the future of work. She was among an incredible lineup of speakers that included Jack Welch, Malcolm Gladwell, Ben Zander, President Bill Clinton, and others.

Ms. Erickson talked about how we will move ever closer to crowd-based work where we focus on our talents and apply them to things that interest us or where we can add value. At the time, I recall thinking, “Wow – that would present so many opportunities to collaborate with people who you would never otherwise meet!”

In that spirit and with an eye toward my own future of work, I have created opportunities to engage with me on Fiverr and Upwork.

There are a handful of other moments that have stayed with me from my World Business Forum experience. Top among them is Ben Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, managing to get the entire audience of 5000+ business executives to sing ‘Ode To Joy’ together in full voice… IN GERMAN… was quite a moment… I managed to locate a YouTube video from that event. I hope you enjoy!

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