Unity, Honor and Peace


The Flag for Hope came into my life at exactly the right moment.

I was struggling to make sense of what I was seeing in the news, in my social feeds, in my community. There seemed to be so much anger, a lack of basic decency and love for our neighbors, and I observed conversations about contemporary issues morphing into contests to out-meme and out-factoid one other.

Every day, at least once, I’d think, “What the hell is going on?”

I knew that what I was seeing in media and on social wasn’t representative of the people I interacted with in real life. The more I talked with those real people, the more it became clear to me that the vast majority of them were feeling exactly the same way.

I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to watch hundreds of hours of footage from the journey to create The Flag for Hope and it has been a life-changing experience. Every single one of the 4000+ people who helped to create the flag shared a message of hope and love.

It is the antidote to what we see in the media. There is no vitriol, no partisanship, no blame, no hate. There are just Americans – from Medal of Honor Recipients to street musicians – of every race, color, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, geography, ethnicity. And every single one of them has hope.

That’s the real America. That’s the Flag for Hope.

Learn more about this incredible effort at www.flagforhope.com and be sure to take the Flag for Hope Pledge at www.flagforhope.com/pledge

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